Saturday Night Lights

My best mate and I always go to Essendon versus Richmond games whenever they are on. The annual Dreamtime at the ‘G game in 2018 was no difference, but on June 2nd 2018, there was a slightly different game plan. I had managed to score myself the chance to get on the ground at the MCG at quarter time to compete in the first “Handball with Hankook” handball competition.

Now, I hadn’t handballed a football in anger – (let alone played a game of football) – in more than 20 years. The bruise on my left thumb the next day was impressive, along with the fact that I was handballing with my left hand. I am not left-handed, and have never handballed with my left hand in my life. So I don’t know how that happened.

But anyhow – I’ll take the $250 any day.