Monthly Archives: September 2007

How Freaky Is Chris Crocker Really?

Everyone – and if you haven’t, you’re living on Mars – has seen Chris Crocker’s “Leave Britney Alone” video on YouTube. Almost 10 million views of this video have been recorded since it was first posted. Whether you thought Chris was freaky or not when you saw it, his “freakiness probability” went up significantly after […]

Controlled Tyre

Some years ago, Australia’s V8 Supercar Championship changed to a “control tyre” – that being that every competitor runs on the exact same tyre – manufacturer, compound, construction, etc. The theory is that “well off” teams can’t exploit their wealth with special deals with tyre companies to gain an advantage over everyone else. On this […]

Who Can Count To Three?

Former Hogans Heroes star, Richard Dawson (who played Newkirk), is remembered also as the host of America’s Family Feud. In this particular episode, we find possibly the dumbest family of contestants ever. The questions are not hard – in fact, they are simple – but that doesn’t stop this family from making a fool of […]

One Last Memory

Essendon champion James Hird retired from the AFL last weekend. Hoping for a fairytale win as a send off, things didn’t look good at three-quarter time when the Bombers were down to the Eagles by 50 points. At the huddle, Hird pleaded to the players for “one last memory” before he retired. The players, and […]