Monthly Archives: March 2010

Bathurst 1987: The Big Facelift

Time for another trip down memory lane! There have been many changes at Mount Panorama in recent years. A new pit complex. A massive hotel/convention centre at the bottom of Conrod Straight. A new bridge over Pit Straight. Regular track resurfacing. However, the year the biggest changes occurred was 1987, when the Bathurst 1000 became […]

Newspaper is Effective Bully

Well, despite its excellent anti-bullying campaign titled “Think Again”, the Geelong Advertiser seems to have effectively bullied a man into fear of his life with its bullying “Name the Granny Killer” campaign. The newspaper has been running this campaign to publicly name a convicted rapist and killer of an elderly Frankston woman ten years ago, […]

Conroy: In Charge of Your Internets!

Continuing with his ongoing media campaign to sell his internet filter to Australians, Stephen Conroy appeared on Radio National “Australia Talks” last night, March 29th 2010, in a structured debate with Colin Jacobs from Electronic Frontiers Australia. Once again, he has ably displayed how scary it is that this man is in charge of making […]

Filter Debate Needs Real Audience

Congratulations to ABC Radio National for this evening presenting perhaps the most well constructed and controlled debate on the proposed internet filter in this country so far. I’ll have more to say once the audio is available to download, and I am able to dissect it more closely. ABC Radio National: Australia Talks However, I […]

China Sensors Australia

Given the ongoing debate about internet filtering/censorship in Australia, I got a subtle laugh out of the following story. Chinese Court Hears Case Against Rio Tinto Workers Australian consular officials who were allowed in the Shanghai courtroom for the bribery phase of the case were barred from witnessing the theft portion. It seems that Australian […]

iPhone Fail!

Really cool idea for a journalist – use your iPhone to record stand up interviews – like this one with Australian Formula One driver, Mark Webber, after practice at the Australian Grand Prix on Friday afternoon. However, the last time I checked, the microphone is at the BOTTOM of the phone – (pointed at the […]

Is Conroy Unwittingly Pro-Kiddie Porn?

Here is an interesting train of thought I found myself drifting into whilst watching the bumbling attempt by Stephen Conroy to explain his internet filter during his appearance on The 7PM Project last night. He – and other supporters of the filter – always come the “if you are against the filter, you are supporting […]

How Companies Go Broke

Last weekend, I ordered several t-shirts from the online store at ThinkGeek. They have great stuff for the average nerd – like myself – and it’s all good quality. At checkout time, I selected UPS for delivery, as it was a little cheaper than the DHL option. No big deal – only a few dollars […]

Internet Filter: What is the Real Agenda?

The number one argument of those who support the ridiculous filtering of the internet in Australia – (which will bring us “in line” with countries such as China, Iran, and Cuba, and their “exemplary” human rights records) – is the so called “Think of the Children” argument. While there is no doubt whatsoever that highly […]

Neil Crompton Back in the Saddle

Channel Seven commentator, and one-time full-time racer, Neil Crompton – (of my hometown of Ballarat) – stepped back aboard a V8 Supercar for a television demonstration run at last weekend’s Clipsal 500 in Adelaide. Apart from taking it really really easy through the dangerous turn number eight, I think Neil showed that he’s still got […]