Monthly Archives: November 2012

Turnbull’s Low Definition Broadband Crystal Ball

Malcolm Turnbull is at it again, criticising just about anything published by anyone that is in any way supportive of the National Broadband Network (NBN). This is despite ample evidence provided by anyone who challenges his alternative plan, and people actually building the NBN that he is completely missing the point. His plan calls for […]

How To Incompetently Not Find A Water Main

At about eight o’clock yesterday morning, my phone line went dead. Obviously, this brought down my ADSL service with it. This isn’t entirely uncommon – given the age of the copper phone lines in my street – (predominantly installed in the 1950’s when the estate was established) – and the slightly down hill nature of […]

Air Travellers Cop Bad Systems Architecture

After a major systems failure in 2010 of the Navitaire New Skies airline booking and check-in system used by Virgin Australia, another failure yesterday has left thousands of Australian air travellers inconvenienced and angry. This time the problems were not limited to Virgin, with the crash also affecting Jetstar, Tiger, Rex, and other associated airlines. […]

Ding Dong The Wicked (Internet Filter) Witch Is Dead!

In a significant backdown by the Australian Government, the mandatory ISP-level internet filter previously proposed for Australia, has now been officially buried. It will be replaced by the internationally recognised and accepted Interpol Access Blocking “worst of” blacklist service, and enforced on ISPs under Section 313 of the Telecommunications Act, 1997. While the mandatory filter […]