Monthly Archives: May 2014

When The Photo Is Missing…

…pick any old one that’s close – right? Got a small chuckle out of the photo attached to this local news item (click image for larger view): “The Ford Falcon ute was only 2m from the house in the front driveway and was parked next to another of LPG, so they’re very lucky it didn’t […]

A Stupid Train Of Thought

The new version of Melbourne’s Metro Rail Tunnel, as announced yesterday as part of the 2014 State Budget is a massive slap in the face for commuters. It is Premier Napthine’s great big nasty pre-election surprise. The original plan – (put forward by the previous Bracks/Brumby government) – was for the tunnel to run from […]

Timely Google Security Reminder

With more and more people adopting tablet and smartphone devices running the Apple iOS and Google Android operating systems, I thought it timely to remember an important security issue if you choose to run the Google Chrome web browser on your device. I must admit, I had completely forgotten about this issue until yesterday when […]