Monthly Archives: July 2012

Media Blame NBN For Everything

The recent Finklestein Independent Media Inquiry delivered recommendations in regards to changes to media governance within Australia, with particular emphasis on media standards and the mechanisms by which those standards are applied. While I don’t wish to get into a discussion with respect to the pros and cons of the report, the general response from […]

Spelling Misfires!

One would think that if a newspaper is going to write a headline critical of the performance of Australia’s 4×100 freestyle swimming team, that one should make sure one doesn’t misspell that headline. Enter, the Herald-Sun: Misile? I’m sure they meant “missile”…right? Misfire.

Why Won’t You Answer The Question Malcolm?

In the midst of an online Twitter “discussion” yesterday between Malcolm Turnbull, the ABC’s Nick Ross and myself, in the midst of which Turnbull accused the ABC of “relentless propaganda” in favour of the National Broadband Network (NBN), I offered Turnbull a number of opportunities to spell out the cost model of his proposed broadband […]

Copyright Holders Don’t Want To Pay The Price

With online piracy a hot topic the world over – (most visible in Australia with what is known as the “iiTrial”) – it has been interesting to watch how different countries around the world are trying to deal with the issue. One common approach seems to be the “three-strikes law” – (such as France’s HADOPI […]

Icy Internet Blast

It is absolutely freezing in Geelong this morning. As I took the photos in this article, says it was -0.1°C here. Given that it was 9am, it is likely to have been much colder than that during the night. Here’s what my car and the front lawn next door looked like: Having grown up […]

Turnbull Disingenuous Over NBN – Again

There has been yet more FUD and disingenuous statements from the Federal Opposition in recent days with respect to the National Broadband Network (NBN). We Will Not Cancel the NBN: Turnbull “No, the Coalition will not cancel or roll back the NBN. The NBN will continue to roll out but we will do so in […]

Pizza Flavour Fail

On behalf of the AFL, the makers of Domino’s pizza in Australia appear to have come up with an all new pizza variety. For dinner at last nights Essendon vs Western Bulldogs game, I grabbed a “Meatosaurus” pizza. The only other option was “Hawaiian”. Or was it? Could that be “Hawaiin”? Might be.