Monthly Archives: November 2014

Sunday Nerding: The Dark Web

There’s little doubt that recent years has seen many people have their concerns about privacy, security and anonymity online heightened by increasing overreach by governments and their agencies. Why should we be concerned? And should we be concerned at all? Watch this excellent BBC report on the topic and decide for yourself. There are many […]

No No No – This Is Not News!

There is no doubt that the various social media platforms that many of us use and enjoy on a daily basis have created an avenue for people from all walks of life to have their voices heard. For many, those voices are drowned out in a blurry haze of tweets, Instagram photos, and Facebook posts, […]

Sunday Nerding: The Illusion Of Time

Do you have a little time to watch this documentary? You do? Think again – you might not! This one is a bit super-nerdy, but quite interesting – as Brian Greene tries to answer what time really is.

Sunday Nerding: The Story Of Linux

Even if you have never heard of it, if you are a regular internet user, or a regular user of a modern smartphone, you are interacting with the Linux operating system all of the time. In terms of marketshare of public servers on the internet, Linux is installed on around 38.6% of these machines. Most […]