Monthly Archives: September 2010

In The Spirit of Schrödinger

I got a bit of a chuckle out of a poll I stumbled across at the bottom of an article in regards to comments by Carlos Slim in regards to the National Broadband Network. Conroy Hits Back At Slim In the true spirit of Schrödinger’s cat, how exactly do you answer this: Are you for […]

More Internet Wrongness

I have a couple of Google Alerts set up to look for content online referring to myself, mainly just to see how people are using my content. I don’t have a problem with people using my content, and believe in the principles of Creative Commons, under which I licence my site. I just like to […]

Tell The Truth Fairfax!

Sitting down to lunch this afternoon, I found an email from the “Fairfax Digital Membership Team”, advising me of “an important message about [my] newsletters”. I have signed up for a few newsletters of interest to be delivered, and generally find something interesting to read. However, it was the nature of this “important message” that […]

Now Mobile Enabled

Just a quick update about some site changes – some minor backend changes that won’t particularly be visible, but importantly, when viewing on smartphones, you should now see a mobile version of the site. If anyone spots anything unusual with the mobile version, please drop me a line and let me know!

NBN: Why Wireless is Impractical

Broadband in Australia is a hot issue right now. Do we spend $43b on Labor’s National Broadband Network (NBN), $6.5b on the Coalition’s hybrid wireless/satellite/”optimised” xDSL/HFC solution, or do we do nothing at all? Nothing is not an option – our broadband capacity is a joke – and for me it isn’t even a political […]

AFL Grand Final: Another Newspaper Fail!

Spotted this one in the sport section of the print edition of today’s Age Newspaper in Melbourne: I’m pretty sure that’s Allan Jeans, not Barry Breen. At least they got close – of course Jeans was the coach of St Kilda in 1966 when they won their one and only premiership, made famous by the […]

ACL: Hypocritically Filtering Factual Debate

Amidst the entire controversy surrounding the possibility of mandatory internet filtering in Australia, we have all come to know the two main advocates of the policy – Federal Communications Minister Stephen Conroy and the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL). I have previously commented on their ability to censor the debate to suit their own needs, and […]

Conroy: Shut The Hell Up and Get On With It!

In recent days, we have heard Stephen Conroy getting back into sermonising over his plan to filter the internet in Australia, in the best interests of “protecting” Australians online. Of course, anybody who understands what he is proposing knows that it won’t actually protect anyone from anything, so I don’t need to explain that again […]

Newspaper Fail Day

I certainly believe that the days of the printed newspaper are numbered. With handheld devices like smartphones, tablet computers, and e-Reader’s becoming more common place, as populations change, and the percentage of tech-savvy consumers increases, paper and ink newspapers face extinction as “quaint” concepts from a bygone day. One of my pet peeves though is […]

Another Nail in the Filter Coffin

Hot on the heels of the stunning revelation from Stephen Conroy that he intends to continue to pursue his mandatory internet filtering policy, comes what appears to be another nail in the coffin of the entire plan. Former Opposition Leader, Malcolm Turnbull, having gained the Shadow Communications portfolio in the usual post-election hulla-ba-loo, has wasted […]