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New Site Coming Shortly

Over the Christmas / New Year break (2017/2018), I will be re-launching Musings of a Geek at the new URL The site you are looking at now is a relocated archive of the existing site. Check back in the new year to see if I’m back up and running! Some life changes have meant […]

A Personal Statement

A few people have asked me of late, why I haven’t been writing as much this year, so I thought it might be time to take a moment to say a few things to clear the air. So far, 2014 hasn’t been the greatest in my life. By no means has it been an ‘annus […]

2013: Posts Of The Year

In this the 2013 edition of my ‘posts of the year’, as was the case in the 2012, my website has been dominated by NBN discussion. Yes I do write about the NBN quite a bit, but that these articles are so popular on my site shows just how important the NBN has become in […]

Browser State Of Play 2013

Over the last couple of years, I have looked at statistics relating to which browsers people are using to visit my site a couple of times, in a somewhat adhoc fashion – here and here. Boring? Maybe. It is however ‘interesting’ and ‘useful’ in a couple of ways. While theoretically all web browsers should show […]

2012: Posts Of The Year

In this the 2012 edition of my ‘posts of the year’, we have a decidedly NBN flavour, with the statistically most popular article on my site in nine of the twelve months being NBN related. Yes I do write about the NBN quite a bit, but that these articles are so popular on my site […]

2011: Posts Of The Year

I certainly hope my readers have had a safe and happy holiday period. Today, I have decided to take a quick look at back at my popular posts from 2011, with the most read articles for each month, and a little discussion of each. If 2012 throws up some similar results, it will be another […]

A Subtle Site Refresh

I have just rolled out a subtle refresh to the appearance of this site. Regular visitors will know that it is largely based on the old theme, with a few nips and tucks to give it a spruce up. This update was also in response to the users of some mobile devices – (particularly early […]

New Link Shortener!

As the next stage of a series of updates and changes I will be making to my site, tonight I unveil my new link-shortening URL. Shortened links will now appear with the “” domain, adding a little more personality to my ramblings. Stay tuned for more updates over the coming weeks.

Site Re-Location

Over the next 24 hours or so, this site will be relocating to a different hosting provider. If you are reading this version of this article, you are now visiting the site from its new location. I wish to take this opportunity to thank my previous provider,┬áThe Kilbot Factory, for all of their awesome support […]

Site Power Works

Just a quick update for regular readers – there will be some unexpected power remediation works at one location where part of this site is hosted this afternoon, so there will be a short period of degraded service. The site will be up, but there will be errors in the right hand column of the […]