Monthly Archives: February 2013

No Evidence Of NBN Threat To Music Sales

The major Fairfax Media mastheads this morning published a ridiculous article – (I know, right?) – asserting that the National Broadband Network (NBN) would provide a greater threat to the music industry with respect to pirate downloads. NBN Threat To Music Sales “But the report also contained a grim warning for Australia: if our current […]

Do Not Drink No Teeny Bopper?

Saw this pit cover on a customer site today, and chuckled – (click for closer view): If only it was spelt “Beiber”. Oh well!

Disparity: The Coalition Proposal For Our Digital Future

With the apparent admission from Malcolm Turnbull last Thursday evening on Lateline, that many Australians may have to wait years to receive the alternative broadband plan that the opposition proposes in place of the NBN, and that many may receive no upgrade at all, the fears of many telecommunications professionals may indeed become reality should […]

Supermarket Maths Fail

So how exactly does this one work? The normal price is $1.75 for a single unit, so the normal price for two units would be $3.50, right? So at “2 for $3”, surely the saving is 50 cents, not 38 cents? Also, at the normal price and the special price, the price per 100 grams […]

Coalition Broadband Plan To Timeout On 30 Percent Of Australians?

In appearance on ABC TV’s Lateline program last night, shadow Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull appeared to suggest that under his alternative national broadband plan, 30 percent of Australians may not actually receive any kind of broadband upgrade as part of his plan. Turnbull Confirms: ‘HFC Areas’ Last To Get FTTN, If At All “Shadow Communications […]

The National Coffee Bean Network?

Hot on the heels of a fiery Senate Estimates hearing into the NBN the other night, in which the opposition attacked NBN Co on their usage of coffee machines – (yes, really) – came this follow up report into the matter. Stupid right? How many workplaces offer coffee to their employees? Every single one I’ve […]

Should An Official ABC Twitter Account Be Saying This?

What exactly is an official ABC Twitter account doing tweeting something like this? Now, whether or not the opinion expressed is valid – (and I’m making no particular judgement on the opinion expressed) – whoever is operating this account on behalf of the ABC, should be expressing this opinion on a personal account, not an […]

Google Fiber Lighting The Way For Our NBN

Even though I generally truly hate the term “superfast broadband” – (the corny piece of nomenclature insisted upon by our politicians, and which ranks up there with “cyber-this” and “cyber-that”) – the pending arrival of the National Broadband Network (NBN) and its “superfast” speeds in many areas of Australia will mean many things to many […]

Shabby Inline Adverstising In Fairfax RSS Feeds

Over the last couple of weeks I came to conclusion that both my work computer and home desktop computer had somehow managed to become infected with a virus. This was something of a surprise, given the security techniques in place in both my home network, and the corporate network – but as always, I keep […]