Monthly Archives: April 2011

Technical View of Mental Health Care

The company I currently work for does a lot of work in surveying and installation of wireless computer networking equipment, with the healthcare industry being one of our most prolific sources of work in this field. I am in the midst of carrying out a four-day survey at a new and yet to be completed […]

iPhone Tracking Data – How Dangerous?

There has been a lot of to-and-fro -(particularly in the tech industry) – over the last week or so in regards to whether or not Apple’s tracking of iPhone locations is a good or a bad thing. Many commentators have landed on the “it is bad” side of the argument. Many have landed on the […]

Live From A Little Earlier, Again!

Checking the Yahoo!7 TV Guide over the weekend, I came across a strange classification for an AFL match shown on Channel Ten: Could someone explain to me what a “Live Repeat” is? I’m not sure. Ironically, this game broadcast was neither “live” – after all, free-to-air channels refuse to show them live – and nor […]

Collingwood Focused Pole Dancing

Whilst browsing through my regular news sources this morning, I stumbled on the following article in my hometown Ballarat Courier: Up the Poles for Charity Couldn’t help but notice the dancer at the bottom of the middle pole, wearing a Collingwood guernsey: Seems to be focussing on a really niche market, I would have thought? […]

Air France 447: How Much More Will We Learn?

With the recent discovery of the wreckage of Air France Flight 447 almost four kilometres beneath the surface of the mid-Atlantic Ocean, we may soon discover the truth about how this plane was brought down – something which has so far been not much more than a complete mystery. What we do know has been […]

More AFL Mathematics Fail

Hot on the heels of this piece of fail from the AFL website, comes the latest: Melbourne – 12-10-73? Surely they mean 12-10-82? Brisbane – 11-4-57? I’m sure that’s actually 11-4-70? Geelong – 7-12-47? Got a feeling that’s 7-12-54! Port Adelaide – 2-6-17? Might be 2-6-18 perhaps? Also, the scores aren’t “live”, they are quite […]

Untruths More Painful Than Reality

I’ve not exactly been myself this week. I do know exactly why that is, but I also can’t and won’t talk about why – at least not in a public forum. To all my family and friends, if I have been short with you in any way this week, I apologise. For our closest friends […]

Spam Scam Coming Through a Portal Near You!

Some minutes ago, I noticed that my spam filters had successfully blocked an email purporting to come from one of my secondary email addresses, addressed to my primary email address. Well done spam filters! Amused, I sent this tweet, stating: “I must have pissed myself off somwhere/somehow…one of my email addresses is sending spam to […]

Dell Email Database Breached

This evening it was reported that Australian customers of global computer manufacturer Dell, may have been part of a security breach in which their name and email address have been exposed to hackers. I received the following email warning from Dell: Are you affected? If you’ve ever done business with Dell which included the supply […]

Via Broadband Fail

ABC News 24, the round the clock television news service from Australia’s ABC has developed the annoying habit of delivering news/press conferences “via broadband”, with generally bad results – audio breakup, pixelation, complete drop outs – such as this example when the Coalition announced their broadband policy in the lead up to the last election. […]