Spam Scam Coming Through a Portal Near You!

Some minutes ago, I noticed that my spam filters had successfully blocked an email purporting to come from one of my secondary email addresses, addressed to my primary email address.

Well done spam filters! Amused, I sent this tweet, stating:

“I must have pissed myself off somwhere/somehow…one of my email addresses is sending spam to my main email address! #spam #legend”

Shortly thereafter, I received a tweet mention from “ENDSPAMNOW”, directing me to their website “”, inviting me to join their “national register” – (clearly targeted towards people in the US) – of email addresses for which spam is to be “blocked”.

They also offer to prevent spam coming to me via SMS, if I just register on their site with my phone number as well.

All for as little as $19.99 a year! Fantastic!

On their “How Do We Do It?” page, they state:

“The NATIONAL DO NOT SPAM REGISTRY immediately helps you stop unwanted messages with the use of our unprecedented NATIONAL SUPPRESSION FILE.”

Upon sign-up, your details are “instantly” added to the “National DO NOT TEXT”, “National DO NOT EMAIL”, “National DO NOT Telemarket”, and “National DO NOT Mail” lists.

They’ve thought of everything!

Now, to my way of thinking, a true spammer is not going to subscribe to any “NATIONAL DO NOT SPAM REGISTRY”, right?

So if you sign up, you’ve just given this mob at least your name, address, mobile/cell number, and email address(es), and then parted with $19.99, for a service the spammers are not going to use, right?

Ever wonder where spammers get your email address? Crap like this of course! They’ve also got enough information to steal your identity!

Sounds like a spam or scam, coming through the portal, hey Mr Conroy?

Avoid this like the plague people!