Monthly Archives: October 2010

Newspaper Fail: Lucky Escape for Driver

Got a laugh out of this syndicated AAP article on The Age website this morning. “They said the vehicle had gone through the brick wall of the two-storey house, crashed into the lounge room, before being reversed and driven away.” Sounds pretty nasty, right? “Police are now looking for the driver of a white Toyota […]

12Mbps: Why The Coalition Doesn’t Get It

Throughout the whole broadband debate currently underway in this country, the 12Mbps figure has been bandied around quite a bit. Every single broadband plan in some way has included this “magic number” as the minimum speed that everyone should have available to them. Under the initial hybrid fibre/ADSL/WiMAX/satellite OPEL Networks plan – the initial phase […]

NBN: Congestion, Telecommuting and Productivity

Last week, I took a virtual slide rule to the potential REVENUE earnings of the forthcoming National Broadband Network (NBN), and came up with some rather surprising numbers. I didn’t even need convincing, but the numbers even surprised me and I’ve been working in the industry for 15 years. Obviously I was unable to factor […]

Conroy Hissy Fit vs Mitchell Tantrum

I found a humourous side note to comments by the editor of The Australian newspaper, Chris Mitchell, in which he accused Stephen Conroy of having a “hissy fit” in regards to coverage of the National Broadband Network (NBN) in his paper. Conroy Having ‘Hissy Fit’ Over The Australian’s NBN Coverage As much as I do […]

Bathurst Coverage: Were Seven Right or Wrong?

There has been quite a lot of rumbling around the Twittersphere/Blogosphere since the conclusion of the Seven Network’s coverage of the annual Bathurst 1000 motor racing classic last weekend – in which they time-slipped their broadcast by almost 30 minutes by the end of the race. This disgusted many following the race on social networking […]

NBN: Viable or Not?

There has been a lot of bellyaching of late about whether or not the National Broadband Network (NBN) will be a viable proposition or not. Certainly, the purported cost of $43b is a lot of money, and when dealing with a sum of that magnitude, a certain level of caution is very obviously quite prudent. […]

Gillard Has Conroy-itis

It seems to me that Julia Gillard has caught the same disease as her Minister for (Mis)communications, Stephen Conroy. I call it “Conroy-itis”. The major symptom is the ability to say one thing about the proposed internet filter, when you know categorically that the truth is the complete opposite. For months Conroy in particular has […]

NBN: The Opt-In/Opt-Out Debate

There has been a lot of discussion in recent weeks in regards to the opt-in or opt-out question for individual premises during the rollout of the National Broadband Network (NBN). In Tasmania, where the initial rollout of the network is underway, the government has chosen to adopt an “opt-out” model, while New South Wales and […]

Fabian Coulthard: Better Than Dreamworld

In a testament to the strength and safety of modern racing cars, Fabian Coulthard walked away from this accident at the start of today’s Bathurst 1000. Coulthard was heard to say later in the day that it was “better than any ride at Dreamworld”. I’m just glad he’s still with us, and can keep a […]

Dale Wood: Bathurst Legend?

In the best Bathurst driving combination since David “Truckie” Parsons teamed up with David “Skippy” Parsons in 1999, if the #7 Jack Daniel’s Kelly Racing Commodore gets up in today’s Bathurst 1000, the name Dale Wood will go down in race history! In this screen capture from the Seven Network telecast, it should also be […]