Monthly Archives: May 2011

Alan Jones And The NBN Fail!

As a technologist and network computing professional, I read with great interest a few days ago about a breakthrough in fibre-optics research in Germany, in which a new form of laser signalling has broken the record for data speed over optical fibre, reaching 26Tbps. Scientists Set New Download Speed Record And I quote: “The scientists […]

Does Review Make Implementing Filter Impossible?

For some time I have believed that a possible function of the so-called National Classification Scheme Review (NCSR) could be to position the government for a soft-landing, get-out-of-jail-free card in relation to their mandatory internet filtering plan. I most recently discussed my feelings on this topic in this article from last week. Reading some more […]

Channel Seven – Please Get It Right!

Over the weekend, Channel Seven Melbourne was heavily promoting a “special report” to be screened on this evening’s nightly news bulletin, extolling the virtues of living in Geelong instead of Melbourne, and commuting into Melbourne for work. About how “easy” and “relaxed” this commute is. I regularly do this commute, and I can warn the […]

The Filter Is Not Dead

There has been some scuttlebutt in recent days in regards to whether the ridiculous iron fist that is the proposed mandatory filtering of the internet in Australia is to go ahead or not. Certainly, there have been a lot of mixed messages, but the most important message of all is that it is not dead. […]

NBN Putting the Consumer In Charge

Undoubtedly, the NBN is a hot political potato right at the moment, with many different views entering into the current debate. Debate or otherwise, the state of play at the moment sees the project going ahead – including the recent announcement of the location and schedule of the next seven rollout locations. Many of you […]

Photoshop Fail

I was just watching a video about the three-match suspension of Melbourne player Jack Trengrove on the Herald-Sun AFL Minisite, and noticed an epic Photoshop fail. I’m Not Going to Change the Way I Play Firstly, lets look at a shot from within the running video: Note the lack of a “Herald-Sun Superfooty” sign on […]

Pizza Hut: Beware The Battle Axe!

I got more than a little chuckle when I ordered a pizza online from Pizza Hut last night. Out of curiousity when finally confirming my order, I checked the list of possible delivery instructions, and I saw “Battle Axe Block” as a pre-existing canned “Special Delivery Instruction”. I didn’t select it – (I probably should […]

V/Line Is A Pain In The Arse!

Now, before I get into this article, I’ll make one thing perfectly clear – this is NOT your typical V/Line rant that I might usually come up with, so if that’s what you’re looking for, you’ll be disappointed. Stick around though, because you will get a laugh at my expense. Over the last three weeks […]

Who Shot Osama?

Shortly after seeing this tweet this morning, I wandered outside from the systems engineering course I am attending this week, to get a quick gasp of fresh air, and saw precisely the same thing: It seems that News Limited and Fairfax have a slight difference of opinion on Australia’s position in the current world order!