Monthly Archives: September 2009

Thermonuclear Explosion!

Great. Geelong won the AFL Grand Final on the weekend. Kudos. Congratulations, and well done. As an Essendon supporter – and having seen my team win four times in my lifetime – I know the joy the fans are feeling right now. Celebrate, absolutely. However, the “media” in this town just never seem to have […]

Juvenile Attacks?

Well, well, well. Stephen Conroy thinks that recent hacking attacks on federal government websites were juvenile – given that they were reportedly made in response to the government plan to introduce mandatory net filtering. Conroy Says Website Attacks Juvenile Perhaps he should be listening to the message? That people don’t want this? Too sensible to […]


There has been this annoying trend of late – particularly in the Fairfax-run websites – for auto-starting video advertisements to be “included as a service” in their pages. I’ve also heard auto-starting AUDIO ads – (so there’s nowhere to click to stop them) – invading my web experience. However, I’ve just stumbled across something perhaps […]

Dumb Fingers

Apologies for a brief partial outage. A combination of mental tiredness, dumb fingers, and a failed VPN experiment from a few weeks ago contributed to a bizarre sequence of events that created a weird ARP resolution problem within my internal network. I was ready to yell at my stupid ISP – who are normally responsible […]