Thermonuclear Explosion!

Great. Geelong won the AFL Grand Final on the weekend. Kudos. Congratulations, and well done. As an Essendon supporter – and having seen my team win four times in my lifetime – I know the joy the fans are feeling right now. Celebrate, absolutely.

However, the “media” in this town just never seem to have any perspective – look at the current front page of the Geelong Advertiser website. Every story in the “news” section relates to the football club and their win in some way. The only exception is a story about cyclist Cadel Evans, but then again, you need to realise he’s from the Geelong area, so managed to squeeze in.

Honestly, there could be a massive thermonuclear detonation in the middle of this town, and it wouldn’t make the front page.

Please, Geelong fans, enjoy it for a couple of weeks, then get on with life – and take those bloody flags off your cars. You look like tools.