Monthly Archives: February 2014

Abbott Repeats Turnbull Tasmanian NBN Lie

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has repeated an unsubstantiated claim made by Malcolm Turnbull in October, in regards to the construction of the NBN in Tasmania. Abbott Dodges Repeated Tassie FTTP Questions “In general, Abbott did not directly address the issues being raised. For example, on the issue of how politically damaging the FTTP issue could […]

Oats Express? No – Oats Explodes!

Spotted these in the local Coles while doing the weekly shop this afternoon: I handed them into the service desk – (because who knows *what* caused this) – but clearly not “Oats Express”, but “Oats Expands” or “Oats Explodes”. Bit of a worry.

Serco Employee Superannuation Fail

It seems that Serco is not just capable of ”faults in due diligence” with respect to prison transport contracts, and security flaws at detention centres, but has also been guilty of lax procedures with respect to compulsory employee superannuation contributions. Review Of Superannuation Guarantee Contributions – Outcome “Serco has been carrying out a review to […]

Transcript Of ABC Asylum Seeker Tow-Back Video

Following up from my earlier post on the apparent censoring of an asylum seeker tow-back video by the ABC, a translation of what was said on the uncensored version has emerged. Not being able to speak Farsi myself, I can’t personally verify the translation is correct, but it does match up with a small section […]

ABC Asylum Seeker Tow-Back Video Censored?

Earlier today, I tweeted a video link to an ABC posting of a video, evidently of a lifeboat full of asylum seekers being towed back to Indonesia. A couple of hours later, a few people pointed out to me that the video link no longer worked. Curious, I investigated. The video is – (or more […]