Serco Employee Superannuation Fail

It seems that Serco is not just capable of ”faults in due diligence” with respect to prison transport contracts, and security flaws at detention centres, but has also been guilty of lax procedures with respect to compulsory employee superannuation contributions.

“Serco has been carrying out a review to make sure that Superannuation Guarantee Contributions were paid correctly. The review has found that in your case, there was a shortfall in the amounts paid to your superannuation fund. We have now taken action to correct this, in accordance with the requirements set down by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).”

And this:

“We would like to apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused. We have now improved procedures in relation to Superannuation Guarantee Contributions.”

A tacit admission that previously, their procedures were not up to scratch. What other procedures need “improving”?

How can we trust a company like Serco to operate detention centres to “correct” procedures – (regardless of the human rights implications) – when they can’t even get basic employee entitlement procedures correct, and are found wanting in respect to basic security principles?