Monthly Archives: March 2013

Turnbull Suggests Eighteen Billion Dollars Is Not Material

In an interview on the ABC program Inside Business this morning, National Broadband Network (NBN) CEO Mike Quigley reiterated what many observers of the NBN have been saying for years. That the alternative Coalition policy would be far more expensive for Australia in the long run. Said Quigley of the costs of FTTP compared to […]

Bernardi Manages To Miss His Own Point

Driving home from the station last night, I caught what I felt was an extraordinary speech in the Senate from the self-proclaimed bastion of all that is good, Cory Bernardi. It was a speech which appeared on the surface to be primarily about free speech – (I think so anyway, as you can never be […]

One Meat, Two Prices

In another in the long running series of Coles pricing fails, comes this one: One for $8.00 a kilogram, and in the same compartment, another for $9.00 a kilogram. No prizes for guessing which one came home with me.

My Kitchen Fools

I don’t actually watch either show, but in attempt to milk some more ratings points, and therefore advertising dollars out of their ratings hit “My Kitchen Rules”, Channel Seven have decided the contestants will soon appear on a special episode of “Deal or No Deal”. Sorry, what did she say? “I’m feeling inspirated!” Oh. My. […]

2013 Clipsal 500 Review

Abbott Proven Wrong On NBN Again

In his federal budget reply speech on 10 May 2012, opposition leader Tony Abbott made a pretty bold statement on how the National Broadband Network (NBN) would hurt household budgets: “Why spend fifty billion dollars on a National Broadband Network, just so customers can subsequently spend, almost three times their current monthly fee for speeds […]