Monthly Archives: November 2013

John Smith Outlines His Plans

Voting in mayoral elections for Geelong continues, following the resignation of previous Mayor, Keith Fagg, due to health concerns. For the last couple of Geelong mayoral votes, the mysterious “John Smith” has nominated for the job. Nobody knows who he is, and he has never shown up at any functions relating to the process. Included […]

Software Problems For Missing E-Class Trams?

Read an interesting report this morning regarding the status of Melbourne’s new E-Class trams: “Just over a fortnight into the life of the E-Class trams, they have disappeared from route 96 and from the network.” As can be expected with anything brand new – (and in particular something as complicated as a tram) – there […]

Dodo And The Extinct Password Protection

I have been with Dodo for home broadband service for more than a decade. A lot of people might snigger at that, but in all honesty I have been subject to very few problems over that time, and their plans suit my needs. Their customer service department can be difficult to interact with, but I […]

Move Corio Station Closer To The Highway?

There is no doubt that Corio Station is something of a boil on the bottom of transport infrastructure in Geelong. It is unmanned, located a long way from anything – (except the Shell Refinery, which has been served by the station since the 1950s) – and is a dark and miserable location. Certainly not a […]

Doctor Which? Day Of The Doctor Prequel