Monthly Archives: June 2010

Not Quite the Biggest Privacy Breach in History

Hot on the heels of Senator Conroy’s “Cavalcade of Frivolous Attacks on the Internet”, and his stinging “greatest single breach of privacy in history” attack on Google, his friends over in the Health Department are doing some information profiling of their own. Australians Get Health ID Number Tomorrow Here’s the quote that interests me: Earlier […]

Mark Skaife Analyses GRM Commodore

In the latest installment of car testing and track analysis for Channel Seven’s V8 Supercar coverage, Mark Skaife takes a run in Lee Holdsworth’s #33 GRM Fujitsu Racing Commodore at the Hidden Valley circut near Darwin. After a lap, Skaife brings the car in to make a roll centre change, and discusses the differences the […]

Tony Smith Tears Trousers on Barbed Wire

In the current mandatory internet filtering debate, there is something that irritates me almost as much as the policy itself. It is the words coming from the Shadow Communications Minister, Tony Smith. What words? Exactly – he is almost completely silent. While Stephen Conroy runs rampant across Australia calling everyone who cares to challenge him […]

What Have We Learned Today?

Hopefully today, we on the anti-internet censorship side of the mandatory ISP filtering debate have learnt an extremely important lesson. There is no doubt that all of us wish to see the back of Senator Stephen Conroy, certainly from the communications portfolio at the very least. There has been much discussion since the rise of […]

Supermarket Special Price Fail

As a conscientious shopper, I’m always on the prowl for special price deals at the supermarket. I mean, who doesn’t want to save a few dollars these days? Doing the groceries this afternoon, I spotted this deal, knowing that our little daughter simply loves her juice: Sounds pretty good right? I mean, two litres of […]

Why Kate Lundy Might Get Stephen Conroy’s Job

I read a most excellent article by David Ramli this morning, discussing reasons why Kate Lundy will not be getting Stephen Conroy’s DBCDE ministerial portfolio. The article makes a lot of perfectly logical points, and I’ll be the first to admit that the scenario it discusses could be absolutely exactly what eventuates. yARN: Why Kate […]

Conroy: We All Wait and Hope

With the arrival of the Julia Gillard as the leader of the federal ALP, and hence her assumption of the Prime Ministership, many in Australia wait patiently for the almost certain cabinet reshuffle. With almost any change of political leader, as the saying goes, there is a “re-arranging of the deckchairs on the Titanic”. Technology […]

Gillard’s First Agenda Item

Julia Gillard became Australia’s first female Prime Minister today. Of course, her being a female is irrelevant, and in the fullness of time, we’ll find out if her rise to the leadership will be a good or bad thing. The thing is, she KNEW she would be become Prime Minister today. Couldn’t she have run […]

Amazing Scenes at Canberra Airport

There were amazing scenes at Canberra Airport this morning, with what might be the final flight of “Milky Bar Kid Airlines” leaving for Brisbane amid rumours of a fuel spill during final preparations for depature. One passenger is believed to have reported that a male flight attendant made the following announcement as the aircraft taxied […]

Ultimate Conroy Facepalm

In [yet another] major embarrassment for Communications Minister Stephen Conroy, the Privacy Commissioner has labelled the inadvertent Google Wi-Fi data collection bungle – (the same bungle that Conroy called “the biggest privacy breach in history”) – as “not so bad”. Google Wi-Fi Snooping Not So Bad: Privacy Commissioner There are several golden snippets from the […]