Conroy: We All Wait and Hope

With the arrival of the Julia Gillard as the leader of the federal ALP, and hence her assumption of the Prime Ministership, many in Australia wait patiently for the almost certain cabinet reshuffle.

With almost any change of political leader, as the saying goes, there is a “re-arranging of the deckchairs on the Titanic”. Technology pundits and enthusiasts – (along with many non-geeks) – are hoping for the replacement of Senator Conroy – (and his mandatory internet filtering plan) – with Kate Lundy – (with her non-mandatory amendments to the policy).

It was strongly rumoured that Gillard would announce the re-shuffle at a 10am press conference this morning, but it slipped by without any announcement, though with a promise that it would come “soon”.

If Lundy is to replace Conroy, it cannot come soon enough!