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Kevin Rudd vs Morality

Well, it seems like Kevin Rudd has gone and planted his big old foot firmly into his mouth – once again. Abbott Defends Virginity Comments And I quote: “I don’t think my job as Prime Minister is to provide individual, personal, moral advice to the young people of Australia. That’s something for them themselves to […]

Apple iTunes Price Gouging in Australia?

With more than a few under-my-breath chuckles, I read with interest the following article posted in/on the Fairfax newspapers/sites this morning by noted Australian financial commentator, Michael Pascoe: Apple Bites Australia for Profit An interesting read, and on the surface, he makes some excellent points. The difference in pricing between the Australian and US iTunes […]

Internet Censorship: Join The Great Australian Internet Blackout

In a coordinated online protest, supported by Electronic Frontiers Australia, over the coming days we will see “The Great Australian Internet Blackout”. The Great Australian Internet Blackout My site has joined the protest – make sure yours does too!


In another episode of “Bizarre Entries in the Foxtel EPG”, I stumbled across this one this evening: “Chooseday Night Football”? Now, take careful note that it is currently “TUESDAY”. I thought it might have been some kind of clever piece of nomenclature based around the day of the week, that might have been promoting some […]

Internet Censorship: Learning from Google / China Confrontation

In the ongoing online battle in regards to the proposed, anti-democratic “filtering” of the internet in this country, it is important that the powers that be – in this case Communications Minister Stephen Conroy and Prime Minister Kevin Rudd – listen to the important lessons that are bound come from the current stance taken by […]

Worst Thought Out Headline Ever

This is definitely one of the stupidest pieces of journalistic “nuff nuffiness” I’ve ever seen. But what else would we expect from the Geelong Advertiser? “Second Man Faces Murder Charge Over Norlane Harpoon Killing” screams the headline. Second Man Faces Murder Charge Over Norlane Harpoon Killing Murder charge? Harpoon killing? Hang on a second, the […]

Rupert Just Doesn’t Get It

Further proof that News Limited boss Rupert Murdoch simply does not understand the internet has emerged with the news that his “pay wall” – where readers have to pay to access online content provided by News Limited – is likely to commence soon within at least part of his Australian operations – namely The Australian […]

Separated at Birth?

Got a giggle watching a news report this evening about the incoming president of Croatia, Ivo Josipović. Some of us in Australia are a little over our Prime Minister, “Kevin747” Rudd being out of the country so much. Well, I’ve finally figured it out! He’s been running his campaign to become president of Croatia. Could […]

Flogging A Horse Until It Is Dead

Nobody doubts the amazing success of MasterChef Australia for Network Ten. A lot of people – myself NOT included – were clearly very interested in the show. Not content with the amazing ratings, we got hit with Celebrity MasterChef Australia – *yawn* – and Junior MasterChef Australia is expected to air in 2010, along with […]

From the Vault: New Essendon “Mayor”

Although pretty corny (really), here’s another classic snippet I’ve recovered out of my old video collection. On the Wednesday evening after the 1993 AFL Premiership win, here is captain Mark Thompson becoming the “Mayor of Essendon” for the day. Also included is some great footage of the boys lining up for the official team portrait. […]