Monthly Archives: July 2009

Tubes Unblocked

Well, everything seems to be back up and running 100%. There was some bizarre name resolution SNAFU after the re-delegation of my domain to new name servers yesterday. Special thanks to Paul and the guys at Kilbot for their tireless efforts to get it all sorted out, and I recommend them for anyone looking for […]

Tubes Blocked

If you find a few broken things on my site this morning, it’s because my “now previous” name services provider broke three of my four domain names overnight. I’ve re-delegated them this morning, but it might take some time for things to propagate fully around the internet, giving a few odd results until such time.

NBN: Sydney Being Petty

With the initial foundation steps of the NBN now starting to happen, competition is heating up between Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney as to which city will host the network’s headquarters. Sydney the Logical Spot for Broadband HQ: Rees But why does this need to get into a petty Melbourne versus Sydney argument? I quote: “Sydney’s […]

Newspaper Fail

So the Geelong Advertiser is showing a live feed of the Geelong Business Excellence Awards? I don’t think the Geelong Advertiser are going to win this year!

Riewoldt is Next Top Model

Is Nick Riewoldt America’s Next Top Model? Perhaps not – but Cycle 12 of the show, recently launched on FOX8, introduces us to Celia. Are she and Riewoldt the same person? You be the judge. I think it might just be the eyebrows.

Dumb Comment of the Day Award

Honestly, some people either don’t think before they write, or they are so clueless about what they are attempting to write about, that they make themselves look extremely foolish. Take, for example, the following article: Unseen Vista: Desktop OS Is MIA At Microsoft Partner Conference I mean seriously, and I quote: When a political leader […]

Windows 7 Approaches

There’s been a lot of talk since the release of Windows Vista at the start of 2007, and just how “bad” it is. Many of the people spreading “the word” of just how good it supposedly wasn’t were found out to have never tried it – even to the point where Microsoft performed a market […]

Slow The Hell Down

So, Victoria is getting more speed and red-light cameras? Good. Naturally, however, the “great non-thinkers” are trying to label it as “revenue raising” and “secret taxation”. Bah! Two Geelong Intersections Get Red-Light Camera Upgrade Here’s a tip for you folks – don’t speed, and don’t go through red lights, and you won’t have to pay […]

Sofa King Beauty

I always find it humourous when sports broadcasters, particularly in motor sports, listen in on team radio conversations, and put them to air. They run the risk of “special words” getting to air. In this instance, an ecstatic Mark Webber celebrates with his team over the radio after his maiden Formula One win last night […]

Now With Comments Enabled

Just a quick note to announce that, after a few requests, I have added comments to the website. I have chosen to use the Disqus comments system, for easy management. If you are running your own site, I highly recommend Disqus as a decent option for a commenting system.