Dumb Comment of the Day Award

Honestly, some people either don’t think before they write, or they are so clueless about what they are attempting to write about, that they make themselves look extremely foolish. Take, for example, the following article:

I mean seriously, and I quote:

When a political leader in the old Soviet Union fell out of favor, he would just … disappear. All signs of his name and image would be erased from public view and the non-person himself would never again be seen amongst the country’s leaders standing atop Lenin’s Tomb in Red Square.

That’s the way it is for Windows Vista at this week’s Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in New Orleans. It’s clear that Microsoft has already moved on to Windows 7 and Vista is like a failed marriage that a divorcee has long since left behind.

Well, duh! Why would Microsoft front up at their Worldwide Partner Conference, and then try and drum up sales for Windows Vista, with Windows 7 just around the corner? They SHOULD be there with Windows 7.

With the newest version of Windows due in October, nobody is going to be buying any Windows licences in any great volume until then, so why should they waste an opportunity like WPC to get Windows 7 in front of people?

My god.