Monthly Archives: November 2011

Epic Dragon Sculpture

I spotted this awesome sculpture in North Laverton on the way to work this morning – (avoiding a heavily congested Princes Freeway) – made out of scrap metal, and used to advertise a scrap metal merchant. If memory serves – (and it often doesn’t) – I do think I have seen these before, but had […]

Barnaby Joyce: Pwned!

Massive Barnaby Joyce facepalm just now on Twitter, with this tweet, followed by this tweet from Tony Burke, the target of his attack: Pwned Barnaby! I wonder if he is really at the almond orchard?

NASCAR Drivers in V8 Supercars?

With the V8 Supercars set to race at the new Circuit of the America’s in Texas in 2013, and suggestions that the event may follow a similar guest driver format to the Gold Coast 600 – except using exclusively American drivers – a question comes to mind… …how would a NASCAR driver do in V8 […]

Victorian Coalition Government Still Supporting NBN

Despite the fervent opposition to the National Broadband Network (NBN) from the Federal Coalition, in recent weeks the Victorian Coalition Government has repeatedly voiced support for the project. At a recent announcement of an $85m plan to promote ICT within Victoria, Minister for Technology Gordon Rich-Phillips stated that the plan sought to “advocate the expedient […]

The Scarecrow in Rehab

If you were going to build a scarecrow in the garden of a hospital rehabilitation ward – how would you do it? In a wheelchair of course! Perfectly logical.

A Note on the Noalition

There’s been some suggestion floating around in recent days – (particularly on Twitter) – that it was I who coined the phrase “Noalition” that was used by Anthony Albanese in the House of Representatives on Wednesday, to describe the opposition coalition, and their “negative” behaviour. As much as I would love to – (and easily […]

Kyle Sandilands: Girl?

Seems in the wake of Kyle Sandilands calling a reporter a “fat slag”, and Holden pulling their sponsorship from Sandilands’ radio show as a result, that someone at News Limited may have wanted to subliminally call him a girl? Holden Pulls Sponsorship of Kyle and Jackie O Show Freudian? Maybe.

Get Well Soon Jason

Jason Richards – who stepped down from driving the #8 Team BOC Commodore a year ago to fight stomach cancer – made an appearance at Sandown today, and took a moment to speak to the television audience about how his fight is going. Alas, it sounds not to be going so well at all. Get […]

Splish Splash V8 Supercar Bath!

It is often stated by people who do not understand, that motor sport is not really a sport, that all competitors do is drive an engine around in a car all day, around and around in circles. Of course, racing drivers are among some of the fittest athletes on the planet. And some of the […]

Nice Start Google – But Not Enough

Many people will remember the “storm in a teacup” that was the inadvertent possible collection by Google of data from wireless networks, when performing photographic and geo-spatial data collection for their Street View product early last year. Even our good friend Senator Stephen Conroy got in on the act, labelling it the “single biggest privacy […]