A Note on the Noalition

There’s been some suggestion floating around in recent days – (particularly on Twitter) – that it was I who coined the phrase “Noalition” that was used by Anthony Albanese in the House of Representatives on Wednesday, to describe the opposition coalition, and their “negative” behaviour.

As much as I would love to – (and easily could) – play along and let people keep thinking that I thought it up, I’m too honest for that.

The bottom line is I don’t know who coined it. I saw it used on Twitter last week, but now cannot find the original tweet – it’s either been deleted, or Twitter isn’t letting me search far enough back for it.

It does appear that I am responsible for spreading it around online enough that it came to Albanese’s attention on Tuesday, and I guess that is something I can hang my hat on.

For the record, I’m traditionally a conservative voter, but I find the current opposition almost impossible to support. Constant negativity is not the way to drive policy forward in Australia.

Equally for the record, I didn’t coin “Noalition”.

But it’s funny, and I love it!