Monthly Archives: October 2011

Trending Topics on Facebook Now?

Midst the unfolding drama that is the sudden grounding of Qantas, I noticed that Facebook appears to be analysing posts for trending topics now: “…and 4 other friends posted about Qantas.” Another move towards being Twitter?

Throw Another Geelong Cat On The Barbie?

Geelong Cats AFL player Simon Hogan has been bravely fighting a battle with depression for some time. Depression is a terrible affliction that will affect most people at some time in their lives. There was a nice write up about his struggle on the Geelong Advertiser website this morning: Hogan Gives Insight Into Mental Illness […]

NBN: What Will IPTV Look Like?

Over recent months, much of the debate surrounding the National Broadband Network (NBN) has revolved around what it will be used for. What will it provide to Australians, that current broadband infrastructure cannot? That depends very much on how you look at it – on a macro and/or micro level. Can the current systems deliver […]

I Don’t Think So Ten!

Over the last few years, people constantly complain about the amount of advertising the Seven Network puts on during its motor racing telecasts. I don’t actually think it’s too bad, and have shown here and here that the amount is not really all that different than it was 25 years ago, or at any time […]

Internet Filter Demonstrably Useless

Earlier this year I speculated that the National Classification Review, set up by the federal government via the Attorney-General’s (AG) department and the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy (DBCDE) might become a vehicle for a tactical retreat on the mandatory internet filtering policy. Certainly, the government has been noticeably quiet on the […]

That Race Control Email

The second day of the Gold Coast 600 was controversial, with the kerb hopping detection system – (effectively a timing loop embedded in the kerbs) – copping the flack for being apparently inaccurate. A number of drivers were clearly jumping kerbs and not being penalised, while others who didn’t seem to be jumping them were […]

ABC News 24 – Circa 1924

Just noticed a rather interesting wardrobe selection on ABC News 24. Is this ABC News 1924?

Heap Big Wind Turbine

In the last couple of days, the strangest looking wind turbine has been erected in North Geelong. Or is that a sub-space transmitter?

Another ABC News 24 Fail

Tapping away at my keyboard at work just now, I looked up to the other screen on my desk – (showing some of the outputs of an IPTV solution I am dealing with at the moment) – and I noticed a live prime ministerial press conference on Sky News Australia. It is circled in red […]

84,000 Filter Hits: I Call Bullshit

Some interesting numbers have emerged in the last couple of days in regards to the the “voluntary” filter applied to internet connections by four of Australia’s biggest service providers – in this instance from Telstra, the nation’s largest. Telstra Logs 84,000 Filter Redirects “Telstra has redirected internet users that try to access child abuse materials […]