Monthly Archives: September 2008

Ha Ha!

While I certainly don’t want to direct this towards all Geelong supporters, living in this town, I have seen a certain arrogance this year in regards to Geelong’s quest for back-to-back AFL premierships. Many had themselves convinced that the second premiership was already run and won months ago. One Geelong supporter even had himself tatooed […]

Too Much Starch Kevin?

In some undoubtedly hastily thrown together media stunt to get some publicity back from the Liberal Party after yesterday’s leadership spill, and change, Kevin Rudd bowled a few cricket balls at Ricky Ponting and Matthew Hayden today. Is it just me, or does Kevin use a LOT of starch in his tie? It doesn’t seem […]

All Three Paul Chapmans Out?

At this time of year, living in Geelong can be a humourous thing – especially when the Geelong Football Club are having a good year. I wonder if they are starting to get worried that maybe their “back-to-back premiership” is not as “in the bag” as so many people down here think?

Zero Spam? Definitely!

There is always a lot of debate in regards to the best possible way to eliminate email spam, and there is nothing more annoying than working on the road, connecting to the corporate network, and spending a big chunk of time downloading 30 emails, only to discover that 29 of them are spam. Most off […]

First Image of Planet Orbiting Star

Scientists believe they have captured the first image of a planet orbiting a “sun-like star”, outside of our own solar system. It is located approximately 500 light years from Earth, and believed to be 8 times the mass of Jupiter, making it a truly gigantic planet. Image Captures Planet ‘Orbiting Sun-like Star’ Much like Jupiter, […]

No Parking?

Here’s a good reason not to park in front of a fire hydrant. A picture is certainly worth a thousand words!

Look At Them, You’ve Made Their Day!

Stepping back in time once again, the late 1980’s were a tough time for Holden supporters in Australian touring car racing. From the moment Allan Grice won the 1986 James Hardie 1000 in a VK Commodore, a Holden did not lead a single race lap at the Bathurst until lap 32 of the 1990 race, […]