Monthly Archives: December 2012

Rely On EXIF Information For Your Photo Captions?

Yeah, no… You really shouldn’t rely on the EXIF information stored in your image to provide the caption for your image. Outrage As Qantas Says No To American Staffordshire Terriers Oops!

Preventing Wrong Way Freeway Accidents

In the wake of the recent wrong-way freeway accident at Lara in which five people were killed, authorities have necessarily been reviewing how such incidents might be prevented in the future. Particularly since there have been more incidents since this major accident, on the same stretch of road: Wrong-way Crash Audit “The review came as […]

You Are Being Watched Vodafone

For the last week or so, 3G coverage from Vodafone has been VERY spotty in my area, after being almost perfect since my switch from Telstra a couple of years ago. Despite the cries of “Vodafail” from many customers, I’ve not experienced any significant issues in my time with the carrier. With respect to the […]

Instagram / Facebook Social Media Lesson

There is a lot of huff and puff spreading online in regards to the change of policy with the social media photo-sharing application, Instagram, which allows it to perpetually sell user photos without payment or notification. While – (as I’m not a lawyer) – I’m not going to attempt to decipher at any level of […]

Andrew Laming With Another Online Hatchet Job

Regular readers may remember the laughable effort displayed towards me by Andrew Laming when dealing with criticism of his position of the National Broadband Network (NBN) back in April this year. Andrew ended up blocking me on Twitter – (which he is perfectly entitled to do) – and I thought nothing of it until I […]

Another Misleading NBN Headline

Well, the Australian mainstream media are at it again, using misleading headlines to try and trumpet misfortune upon the rollout of the National Broadband Network (NBN). Here’s the latest effort: NBN Contractor To Lay Off 160 Workers And this is how it looked on the front of The Age website: The blurb says: “NBN contractor […]

No More Seven Car Geelong V/Locity Trains?

While the recent announcement of the addition of 40 new carriages to the V/Line fleet is welcome after years of overcrowding, particularly on the Geelong and Ballarat lines, I believe that an important point has been missed. State Government To Buy 40 New V/Line Carriages “Mr Mulder said today the Government would spent about $207 […]

End Of The First V8 Supercars Era

Yesterday’s 2012 Sydney Telstra 500 marked the end of the first era of V8 Supercars, which started way back at the 1992 Sandown 500. With the end of the current regulations, new cars are to be introduced for 2013 – the upcoming VF Holden Commodore, the FG Mark 2 Ford Falcon, the Nissan Altima, and […]