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John Oliver On The US Payday Loan Industry

I just caught this week’s episode of Last Week with John Oliver, and I’m finding his new show is getting better and better each week. Take a look at his analysis of the US Payday Loans industry. I’m sure it is not quite as almost criminal in Australia, but the business models are largely the […]

When The Photo Is Missing…

…pick any old one that’s close – right? Got a small chuckle out of the photo attached to this local news item (click image for larger view): “The Ford Falcon ute was only 2m from the house in the front driveway and was parked next to another of LPG, so they’re very lucky it didn’t […]

Rupert And The Election – Best Media Watch Ever

Is Rupert Murdoch trying to twist the outcome of the federal election? Most likely, your answer to that question will depend on your political persuasion. However, before you decide, take a look at the latest episode of Media Watch: You really have to wonder, don’t you?

How To End Your NTSB Internship Early

NTSB Statement On Erroneous Confirmation Of Crew Names “Earlier today, in response to an inquiry from a media outlet, a summer intern acted outside the scope of his authority when he erroneously confirmed the names of the flight crew on the aircraft.” My only question is how the newsreader didn’t crack up laughing, or at […]

So Which Logo Did The Age Put With The Ford Story?

It is disappointing for all Australians that Ford Australia today announced they will cease all production in Australia from 2016, with the loss of 1200 direct jobs. Disappointing too that The Age didn’t take a little more care in choosing the photo to go with the article on their front page? Kinda looks like the […]

News Limited Seeks Excess Access To Your Social Media Accounts

With the News Limited mastheads moving to the “metered paywall” model for their online activities, I curiously checked out what sort of information they might want to sign-up as a registered user. I was a bit surprised. When signing up using your Twitter account, they want access to “read tweets from your timeline”, “see who […]

Should An Official ABC Twitter Account Be Saying This?

What exactly is an official ABC Twitter account doing tweeting something like this? Now, whether or not the opinion expressed is valid – (and I’m making no particular judgement on the opinion expressed) – whoever is operating this account on behalf of the ABC, should be expressing this opinion on a personal account, not an […]

Shabby Inline Adverstising In Fairfax RSS Feeds

Over the last couple of weeks I came to conclusion that both my work computer and home desktop computer had somehow managed to become infected with a virus. This was something of a surprise, given the security techniques in place in both my home network, and the corporate network – but as always, I keep […]

Rely On EXIF Information For Your Photo Captions?

Yeah, no… You really shouldn’t rely on the EXIF information stored in your image to provide the caption for your image. Outrage As Qantas Says No To American Staffordshire Terriers Oops!

Convicted Killer Chases Horse After It Has Bolted

Ahh, lawyers. Most people have an opinion on them. Having worked in a couple of different law firms throughout my IT career, I can say hand on heart that almost all of the lawyers I have known are genuinely decent, respectful, professional people. But there’s been a handful who perpetuate the notion of the stereotypical […]