When The Photo Is Missing…

…pick any old one that’s close – right?

Got a small chuckle out of the photo attached to this local news item (click image for larger view):

“The Ford Falcon ute was only 2m from the house in the front driveway and was parked next to another of LPG, so they’re very lucky it didn’t spread or it would’ve been much worse.”

Without wishing or seeking to be flippant towards the family suffering these attacks, they might have been lucky after all – because that’s not their “Ford Falcon ute”.

The photo appears to be of a VY Holden Commodore, and is most certainly not a ute.

I know articles look much better with a photo – but that’s just not the car involved with this incident. There is certainly a Holden engine in that burnt out wreck.

Again, I feel very much for the family involved – nobody deserves what is happening to them.