Monthly Archives: April 2013

Undisguised Chevrolet SS Performance Spotted In The Wild

Just spotted an undisguised Chevrolet SS Performance version of the upcoming Holden Commodore VF, in North Geelong. Clearly badged as a Chevrolet SS, and left-hand drive, the car was totally devoid of any disguises, aside from a section of the taillight assembly being blanked out with black tape – more likely to protect it from […]

The US Readies For Our V8 Supercars

Our V8 Supercars are heading for the Circuit of the Americas near Austin in May, and the promotions are underway. Here’s the commercial produced by COTA: They won’t know what hit them!

The Long History Between The ABC And The IPA

There has been a lot questions raised lately, in regards to the regular appearances by representatives from the Institute of Public Affairs (IPA) in news and current affairs programming on the the ABC – (in particular on “The Drum”) – and what their motivations are, given their apparent links to other media organisations. My curiosity […]

The Biggest Insult With The New V/Line Timetable

The other day I wrote about how once again travel times on the Geelong V/Line service had been increased with the preparation of a new timetable, which goes into effect later this month. This is not the first time travel times have been increased under the auspices of a new timetable. After writing my previous […]

Why Must Oracle Treat Us Like Idiots?

With yet another round of Java security updates – (this time to address 42 new security issues) – reaching our computers today, I find myself once again getting agro with Oracle with the nonchalant way they treat people when their updates roll. Why on earth should/would a security patch be asking us to install a […]

Turnbull Admits His NBN Could Cost The Same As Existing Plan

Despite continuing high levels of public support for the existing FTTP National Broadband Network (NBN) rollout plan, and his claims that his alternative FTTN approach will be “cheaper”, Malcolm Turnbull admitted yesterday that his plan could end up costing just as much in the long run. Turnbull’s NBN Could ‘Cost The Same’ In The Long-run […]

V/Line Extends Geelong Travel Times Again

Well, once again is seems Geelong rail commuters are having their peak journey times lengthened by V/Line, with the release of new timetables to take effect from April 28th. Looking at just the two so-called “flagship” services from Geelong to Melbourne each weekday morning, each leaves the various stations in the Geelong area two minutes […]

Coalition Gaffe: Turnbull And Abbott Wrong On Geelong NBN Claim

In an embarrassing gaffe, just two days after the launch of their alternate NBN policy, Opposition Leader Tony Abbott, and his communications spokesman Malcolm Turnbull have been caught out lying about the status of the proposed fibre rollout in the Geelong region. TWEET: “@TonyAbbottMHR: With press + @TurnbullMalcolm at Marcus Oldham College Geelong. Under Labor […]

Credibility And The Alternate NBN

Today has seen the release of the long awaited, often touted Coalition alternative broadband policy to the current National Broadband Network (NBN) scheme. In a press conference that became heated during questions, Malcolm Turnbull announced a $29.4 billion plan to provide FTTP for 22% of Australia, FTTN to 71%, LTE Wireless to 4% and Ka-band […]

When Abbreviations Backfire

The V8 Supercars Championship returns to Pukekohe Park Raceway in New Zealand this weekend, with the Kiwi round having been run on the Hamilton Street Circuit for a number of years. V8 Supercars fronted a large amount of money to revamp the Pukekohe – (pronounced “Pucka-co-ee”) – circuit, affectionately known as “Puke” – (pronounced “Pucka”), […]