Monthly Archives: March 2011

Professional Commenter or Birdbrained?

Having a quick browse of the local news before sitting down for dinner this evening, I found myself chuckling at a comment posted against this story about a concept car for the upcoming new Mad Max sequel, Fury Road, found in the Geelong Advertiser. Says “Jo of Geelong”: “HHHHHHMMMMMM!!!!!!! if only Ford would use their […]

NBN Legislation Passes – Now Get On With It!

After a marathon session in the House of Representatives, the legislation enabling the National Broadband Network passed into law, requiring only royal ascension from the Governor-General. Whether or not you are a supporter of the NBN, the bottom line is that the NBN is now law, and it is now time to let Mike Quigley […]

Newspaper Fail: Why Bother?

When reading this article in regards to potential changes to taxi regulations in Victoria, I found myself asking – “why bother?” – when looking at the accompanying picture. Someone took the time to blank out the taxi number of the front vehicle, but not the others! Why bother taking the time to block the first […]

Footy Is Back – Maths Ability Is Not

Great to see that football is back for 2011, though some at the AFL have clearly started the new season without their mathematical abilities in tact: Surely Collingwood’s score of 12 goals and 2 behinds totals 74 points, and not 37? And surely Port Adelaide’s score of 3 goals and 5 behinds equals 23 points, […]

Internet Explorer Slipping?

I am an avid watcher of the statistics of visits to my websites, because a wide range of interesting trends may be visible before they are widely recognised, particularly in terms of browser use. In recent months, I’ve been looking closely at the percentage of visits to my sites from various web browsers, and I […]

WTF Moment from The Australian

Flicking around the online news media over a cup of Earl Grey this afternoon, I came across this rather peculiar article at The Australian website. “COMMUNICATIONS Minister Stephen Conroy seems destined to make his own job harder than needed, with breathtaking gaps in his consultative process and an extraordinary belief that everyone should simply take […]

V/Line: Treating Customers Like Idiots – Still

This afternoon I got the following tweet from V/Line’s curiously named “@vlineinform” account, once again showing how the truth should never get in the way of, well, treating their customers like idiots. Now – notice that the current time is “16:37”, and that the tweet(s) were received “3 mins ago” – meaning they were posted […]

Fun and Failure at the Herald-Sun

Got this great screen capture from the Herald-Sun newspaper website this morning. First it was the failure – the nicely put “ceasfire” in Libya. Surely a spellchecker fail on “ceasefire”? Nice one guys. Then some cheeky humour with “Police to Test Ricky Nixon’s Undies” – referring to disgraced AFL player agent Ricky Nixon, and his […]

Online Piracy Not The Problem

There has been a lot of discussion in recent weeks, following the apparent culmination of the so-called iiTrial – in which national Australian ISP iiNet successfully defended itself against an accusation by AFACT of facilitating and doing nothing to prevent the theft of copyrighted material by its customers. AFACT themselves recently released a report claiming […]

Important Twitter Security Enhancement

Twitter today announced a new security feature enabling HTTPS for all web connections to the service. HTTPS is a secure/encrypted version of the standard web protocol, HTTP. This follows similar recent changes by Facebook. Using HTTPS where possible/available is important – it means that all your communications with the Twitter site are encrypted end-to-end from […]