Professional Commenter or Birdbrained?

Having a quick browse of the local news before sitting down for dinner this evening, I found myself chuckling at a comment posted against this story about a concept car for the upcoming new Mad Max sequel, Fury Road, found in the Geelong Advertiser.

Says “Jo of Geelong”:

“HHHHHHMMMMMM!!!!!!! if only Ford would use their money for good and not evil!!!!!I’m sure the money it cost to build this car could have been used for better………..”

Says “Michael of Geelong” – (me, obviously):

“Jo of Geelong – you realise this is a drawing, right?”

It made me wonder – are some people really that stupid? Do some people just throw negative comments at articles, just to be negative, or attack initiatives they don’t care about or understand? Are they environmentalists having a go at an evil car company, perceived to be killing the planet through toxic emissions from their vehicles?

Nah – I vote for “really that stupid”.