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FilterGate: Conroy’s Code Blunder

News has emerged today that our great Canberra Communications Cluebie has managed to filter his own website. Yes, the same Minister who is trying to force this unwanted, unworkable, and completely beatable internet filter is apparently trying to step away from debate on the filter. Conroy’s Website Removes References to Filter And here is the […]

Conroy Was Right – He Can’t Regulate Internet

I’m upset this morning. Really upset, almost in tears! All because I have come to conclusion that Stephen Conroy is ACTUALLY right about something. I made a post on Friday in regards to some comments he made on ABC Radio National Breakfast, in which he boldly announced that “you can’t regulate the internet”. Conroy and […]

Conroy Brushes Off My Question!

Well, well, well. It seems that our “esteemed” Communications Minister – or his department at least – got a hold of my post (or at least the YouTube video) from Friday. My message clearly got to the top, as intended. Conroy Can Still Regulate the Internet I think it’s hilarious that the Department of Broadband, […]

Stephen Conroy: I Bet He Wishes He Could!

Seems my earlier post in regards to Senator Stephen Conroy’s semi-faux pas on ABC Radio National Breakfast this morning is gaining some momentum. Checking some of my incoming links, I’ve stumbled across this posting on Whirlpool, where someone has already turned it into one of those “not so motivational” posters. I wonder if he wishes […]

Stephen Conroy: You Can’t Regulate The Internet

Senator Stephen Conroy – the great Canberra Communications Cluebie – was interviewed on ABC Radio National Breakfast this morning – (19 February 2010) – in regards to a recent substantial ($250M) financial gesture to Australia’s commercial television networks. The context of the following portion of the discussion was IPTV and how it might effect minimum […]

Kevin Rudd Hands Power to Grandfather!

Newsflash! Kevin Rudd has stepped down as Prime Minister, handing the job to his grandfather! Well, not quite! Unveiled in Ballarat today, as part of the Prime Minister’s Avenue in the Botanic Gardens, was yet another dreadful bronze bust – one that seems to have aged Mr Rudd significantly. Yikes!

No Problem with New Train Line

Now, I’m not normally one to defend Victoria’s rail network – a network that is bursting at the seams, and utterly frustrating for us regular commuters – but the following article shows that the Public Transport Users Association (PTUA) has absolutely zero foresight when it comes to the Regional Rail Link (RRL) as part of […]

V/Line: Time to Develop a Clue!

Now, I do not – and would not – pretend to understand the finer intricacies of the management of a fleet of trains, but I would like to think that some common sense would come into it – somewhere. Hopefully. Alas, events at Southern Cross Station on Friday evening leave me wondering if “common sense” […]

Lots of Rain Equals Stupid Drivers

Melbourne and much of Victoria is currently cleaning up after a series of massive rainstorms yesterday afternoon/evening. I personally got “heavily saturated” on a couple of occasions heading home from the office – including an entertaining train ride! Melbourne Mops Up After Massive Storm It never ceases to amaze me how stupid some drivers can […]

Internet Censorship: Politician Education Required

Further demonstration that “they do not understand what they are messing with” came today, with the political establishment in this country completely missing the point in regards to what a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is designed to achieve. Operation Titstorm: Hackers Bring Down Government Websites Quoting a release from the Department of Broadband, […]