Monthly Archives: February 2010

Ever Wondered Why Connex Was Always Late?

Connex – the recently replaced operator of Melbourne’s suburban rail network – had a reputation in its final years for excessive numbers of late and cancelled services. Ever wondered why? Well, now you know!

Bathurst 1992: The Wet Finish

Jumping back into the archives for a bit – here’s the famous (and some say controversial) finish to the 1992 Tooheys 1000. It was a sad day for me – one of my racing heroes, Denny Hulme died on live television before my eyes that day – of a heart-attack at the wheel early in […]

Newsflash! Update!

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s hilarious video of a Macquarie worker being sprung looking at porn on the job in the background of a live news cross, comes an even more hilarious advertising hook by rival HSBC. Here’s the video again: And here is the advertisement that appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald today […]

Landmark Internet Copyright Ruling

The Australian Federal Court has dealt a massive blow to the copyright infringement crusaders, ruling today that the provision of internet service does not represent the approval of copyright infringement, or the responsibility to police potentially copyright infringing activities in the provision of that internet service. iiNet Wins! Film Industry Case Torn to Shreds Pending […]

Geelong Stokesvertiser

Once again, the Geelong Advertiser has dramatically skewed it’s news coverage towards a single story about the Geelong Football Club – yesterday’s arrest of Mathew Stokes on charges of purchasing, possessing and trafficking cocaine. No doubt a major story, and worthy of coverage. But here’s the list of stories deemed “headlines” on their website: The […]


In a quite literal “Newsflash” – keep an eye on the guy “working” at his computer in the left of the frame in this live-to-air news cross. I particularly love his reaction when his colleague points out that the live cross is underway. Pure comedy gold.

Internet Censorship: Beyond A Joke

Hot on the heels of the proposed national ISP-based filtering of the internet in this country, comes this latest attack on democracy. Outrage as South Australian Government and Opposition Unite to Gag Internet Election Debate We are becoming a complete joke to the rest of the world over these ridiculous political stances. When are our […]

Gotta Love Simpsons Fans

Victoria’s largely still-born new transport ticketing system – Myki – has come in for a lot of flack in recent weeks, particularly regarding overcharging and broken down smartcard readers. Well, at least some Melbourne commuters are keeping a sense of humour amongst the chaos. In a clear reference to the following episode of The Simpsons, […]