Monthly Archives: January 2011

Ambiguous Facebook Fail

A light hearted one for Australia Day, I just saw this on Facebook. Circled in red we see “Application Requests”: So I clicked it, and the box popped up to say they had moved. Nope, it’s in two places. Facebook is cluttered enough without putting things all over the place. I’m sure people would find […]

Can Woolworths Really Do This?

On a recent trip to the supermarket, I spotted this interesting piece of advertising: I don’t know about you, but if I was CSR I would be pretty annoyed that my product had been singled out and jammed into the faces of customers as being the “bad choice” against the in-house brand. Doesn’t seem quite […]

Stop The Floods – Of Political Bullshit

We all agree the recent spate of flooding up and down Australia’s eastern seaboard of epic – and some say biblical – proportions has been a terrible disaster. The final damage bill will probably be never accurately known, but will undoubtedly also be of epic or biblical proportions. It will certainly be massive. There has […]

Single Point of Failure

Well, yet again this morning, thousands of commuters from the western suburbs of Melbourne and Geelong had their daily travel severely disrupted, after a power failure at Newport station disabled signals and points. Now, I’m the first to accept that unexpected things happen all the time, and that running an integrated public transport network is […]

SPF Fail – One for the SysAdmin Nerds

In one for the nerdy mail system administrators out there, I spotted a rather uncommon SPF result in my SMTP logs this morning. If you know your SPF, you’ll know that no matter what IP address a piece of email comes from, with these records, the email will ALWAYS pass an SPF lookup. Clearly an […]