Monthly Archives: May 2010

The Cacophony of Untruths

Some time ago, I posted a list of what were either complete misunderstandings, misrepresentations, or out and out lies presented by Stephen Conroy in regards to his utterly flawed proposal to introduce legislation to compulsorily censor the internet in Australia. I thought it might be time to revisit my list – especially since almost two […]

Conroy: Stupid Is as Stupid Does

Just when you might be forgiven for thinking our Minister for Miscommunications, Stephen Conroy, could not possibly sink any further into the pond of ridiculousness he already finds himself in, today he has managed to reach new depths. Filter Goes Ahead Regardless And I quote: Senator Conroy said “blocking material is not considered to be […]

Bad Customer Image from Metro

As part of my program to get my newly diagnosed diabetes under control, I regularly walk from where I currently work under sub-contract in St Kilda Road to Flinders Street Station, to catch a suburban train around to Southern Cross, before boarding my V/Line train home for the evening. Last night – (27 May 2010) […]

Double Standard Saints

In what is likely – (unfortunately) – to turn into one of those messy “nobody wins” situation, two players from AFL club St Kilda have been accused of engaging in a sexual relationship with a schoolgirl – who also claims she is pregnant as a result of the relationship(s). Pregnant Schoolgirl Claims She Had Sex […]

The Privacy Commission on Google

Google and Facebook have been making the news in Australia quite a bit in recent days, particularly in regards to concerns regarding the privacy of personal information. Only yesterday, the Minister for Restricting Communications, Stephen Conroy, launched a scathing attack on Facebook with respect to their recent changes in privacy settings, most likely in attempt […]

Google Pac-Man!

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the original release of Pac-Man, Google has added one of its famous anniversary banners. The kicker is, the banner is actually a playable version of the game! Way cool.

Herald-Sun Fail!

There is a lot of pointless hoopla going on today about the Collingwood vs Geelong / Top of the AFL Ladder tonight – much of which is quite tiresome. However, I guess it would have been respectful of the Herald-Sun to have gotten Geelong’s colours right? Don’t Geelong have DARK blue HORIZONTAL stripes, and not […]

Assange is No Political Prisoner

In one of the biggest journalistic beat-ups / publicity stunts I have seen in a while, there is a growing perception online that in some way Julian Assange of Wikileaks has been made a “political prisoner” within Australia, after his passport was “confiscated” upon his recent ingress via Melbourne’s Tullamarine Airport. Australian Wikileak Founder’s Passport […]

Conroy: His Former Job?

Was being all nostalgic on YouTube this morning, and was watching the film clip for Men At Work’s classic Australian hit, “Down Under”. Imagine my surprise when I saw Stephen Conroy in the film clip! Perhaps his former life was as a dodgy salesman? Oh wait, that’s his current life!

Darth Vader Records for TomTom

Some manufacturers GPS devices let you add custom voices to direct you to where you are going. TomTom has released a range of Star Wars voices for their devices. Here is Darth Vader during his recording session. Very clever piece of marketing!