Double Standard Saints

In what is likely – (unfortunately) – to turn into one of those messy “nobody wins” situation, two players from AFL club St Kilda have been accused of engaging in a sexual relationship with a schoolgirl – who also claims she is pregnant as a result of the relationship(s).

I have no intention of delving into this case in any particular detail, however I did find a statement made today in relation to the matter by St Kilda coach Ross Lyon to be interesting:

“We’re not into naming players … once it’s concluded, we will make a statement.”

Not into naming players? Even though St Kilda was more than happy to drop Andrew Lovett into the mire in a very public fashion in regards to an as-yet unproven rape allegation?

I have no love for Andrew Lovett – (as an Essendon supporter, I was more than happy to see him leave the club) – but when the rape allegation against him was made, the Saints dropped him in the shit immediately, and completely suspended him from the club. Yet in relation to this latest scandal, they won’t name names, and they certainly haven’t suspended anyone.

It is true that if the players involved today are shown to truly be involved with this schoolgirl, they may not have done anything illegal – but this doesn’t mean that they haven’t done something illegal either, so if the club was consistent, they should be naming and suspending the players until the matter is resolved. Just as they did Andrew Lovett, who is also yet to be shown to be guilty.

Double standard much?

UPDATE 7:39pm: Seems that the players have been cleared, but I believe the point remains that St Kilda treated what for all they knew at the time were very similarly serious cases in a completely different manner.