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NBN: A Lobby of Wireless Convenience

I found it most interesting that a group of Australian “telco leaders” have come out swinging against the proposed National Broadband Network (NBN) today. Telco Leaders Unite to Pan NBN “The alliance members are BigAir CEO, Jason Ashton; AAPT CEO, Paul Broad; EFTel CEO, John Lane; Pipe Networks founder, Bevan Slattery; Vocus CEO, James Spenceley’ […]

Why The Coalition Broadband Plan is a Waste

There have been many many articles in recent times in regards to whether or not Labor’s National Broadband Network (NBN) plan is a waste of money. Certainly, the reputed price tag of the network – either $43b or $26b depending on who and what you believe and/or read – is a BIG price tag, but […]

Twitter: Copyright and Etiquette

While there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to what you do – (or don’t) – post on Twitter, I think it would be a reasonable point of etiquette not to modify something someone has posted to suit your own view, and infer that the original person is responsible for the comment. […]

Tech Heads: The New Political Force?

Well, the election was last night, and after an excruciating five-week campaign, we are all none the wiser as to who will be running Australia going forward, with the result looking set to be a hung parliament. The current standings vary from media outlet to media outlet, with some having the ALP ahead, some having […]

Is The Wicked Witch Finally Dead?

In July, Stephen Conroy announced to the waiting world that his internet filtering legislation would be delayed for at least year, pending a “review of the classification system”, amid claims that special interest groups lobbying for the filter had been tipped off to the announcement ahead of time. Later, the Coalition announced that it would […]

1990 ATCC: How Times Change

With the 2010 championship for V8 Supercars Australia nearing the endurance races, and the business end of the season, I thought it might be worth having a look at this summary of the 1990 championship – 20 years ago. Interesting to see old names like Colin Bond, the late Peter Brock, Dick Johnson, and Win […]

Spammer Duh!

Got a chuckle at one of the spam emails trapped by my filters today – (take note: no scams or spams coming through my portal, Mr Conroy!): Spam declaring itself as “posible [sic] spam”? How nice of the spammers to help like that!

The Filtering Bluff Revisited

A few days ago, I postulated that Stephen Conroy has to be bluffing with his pledge to “make changes at the classification board level” to get around what seems like an impassable road block in the Senate, thanks to the Coalition, Greens, and Nick Xenophon pledging to block any filter legislation. As I suggested in […]

Why the NBN Should Win the Election

As we move into the final week of the federal election campaign, broadband network policy has been a real hot potato over the last few days. The Coalition plan has been roundly attacked by many – despite being significantly cheaper than the government plan. The Government plan has been touted as “risky” and “a white […]

What Is The Good Senator Scared Of?

I was taking a look at electoral information for my electorate in preparation for next Saturday’s federal election. Checking out the information for Corio, I found something curious. There are five candidates in the senate information without any contact information, all from minor parties and independents – except for one. Guess who? Afraid of people […]