Monthly Archives: October 2012

Upload Your Personal ‘Important Documents’?

With the launch yesterday of Australia Post’s new ‘Digital Mailbox’, I took particular interest in how the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy described how it can be used. From the ministerial press release: “Use the Digital Mailbox as a personal digital vault to store important documents.” Given Australia Post’s status as a […]

Hurricane Sandy Duh Moment

People might die? Duh! Of course, people have already died throughout the Caribbean as a result of Hurricane Sandy, so this is a moot point anyway.

Why Is A Quarter Of The NBN Being Constructed Aerially?

Given the kerfuffle that has broken out today between NBN Co and the New South Wales government over access to power pole infrastructure when rolling out aerial portions of the NBN, it is probably a good time to explain why around 25% of the NBN won’t be built underground. According to the current NBN Co […]

Regional Rail Link Beginning To Take Shape

Regular travellers on the Geelong, Ballarat, and Bendigo regional train lines, and the Werribee and Sydenham/Sunbury metropolitan train lines, will most likely have noticed a lot of new tracks being laid between Southern Cross (SCS) and North Melbourne (NME) stations, as part of the Regional Rail Link (RRL) project. While this work between SCS and […]

Special Opening Hours For Coles

Our local Coles supermarket is open seven days a week, between 7am and 10pm. Yesterday was Geelong Cup Day, and for most people who work in Geelong, a public holiday. As such, many businesses close for the day, or have reduced operating hours. A responsible business would of course advertise their adjusted operating hours, so […]

NBN Wireless NTU

Following on from an earlier post where the nature of an NBN fixed wireless antenna was revealed, NBN Co’s blog has revealed the look of the Ericsson wireless NTU, used in the installations. This NTU compliments the fibre version I posted in early 2011, which will be used within the fibre footprint of the network. […]

Newspaper Fail: Burghers and Frhies

No, the title of this post is not a spelling mistake – well, sort of. Just snapped this image from the front page of The Age newspaper website: Burghers? Sub-editing fail. But do they want frhies with their burgher?

Victorian Government Withheld CenITex Report From Ombudsman

In the final report released by the Victorian Ombudsman into corrupt activities at CenITex, Victoria’s whole-of-government IT services enterprise, it was revealed that the Victorian Assistant Treasurer – (and also the Minister for Technology, and Minister for Aviation), Gordon Rich-Phillips, ignored a request for the provision of a copy of a report prepared by State […]

NBN Revenues Provide Interesting Calculations

There were some very interesting revenue figures released as part of NBN Co’s Annual Report 2012 last Friday. NBN Co Pulled In AU$2M In 2011-2012 “NBN Co has reported revenues of AU$2 million for the first year of commercial operations for the 13,536 premises connected to the National Broadband Network (NBN), ending June 30, 2012.” […]

Convicted Killer Chases Horse After It Has Bolted

Ahh, lawyers. Most people have an opinion on them. Having worked in a couple of different law firms throughout my IT career, I can say hand on heart that almost all of the lawyers I have known are genuinely decent, respectful, professional people. But there’s been a handful who perpetuate the notion of the stereotypical […]