NBN Wireless NTU

Following on from an earlier post where the nature of an NBN fixed wireless antenna was revealed, NBN Co’s blog has revealed the look of the Ericsson wireless NTU, used in the installations.

This NTU compliments the fibre version I posted in early 2011, which will be used within the fibre footprint of the network.

Similar to the fibre version – (manufactured by Alcatel-Lucent) – multiple services can be connected:

“As you can see I have two providers currently connected (one on the red cable the other on the blue).”

The green cable is clearly the feed from the external antenna, as described in my previous post.

The fixed wireless portion of the NBN is unlikely to be halted, even if the Coalition wins the next federal election, as all contracts to build the wireless network are in place, and the Coalition has promised to fulfill all existing contracts, should they come to power.