Monthly Archives: December 2009

Telstra Makes A U-Turn

Telstra has long argued that the structural separation of the wholesale and retail arms of their business was not in their best interest. That it would represent an unreasonable burden upon itself and its shareholders. Telstra Stands Firmly Opposed to “Unjust” Split Telstra have applied their virtual monopoly over the copper network in Australia since […]

Internet Censorship: Huge Opposition

Senator Conroy, speaking on the Sky News program “Sunday Business”, is under the illusion that because Telstra, Optus, and Primus hold 80% of the internet customers in Australia, and that they support his ridiculous internet filter, that 80% of Australian people support it? Huh? Did Telstra, Optus, and Primus ask every single one of their […]

Interesting View on Internet Copyright Court Case

The ongoing legal battle between iiNet and AFACT over the enforcement of AFACT’s copyright infringement notices is awaiting for verdict to be delivered in January. However, I have stumbled across an interesting comment in regards to this by the poster “netizen” in the comments of the following article: IIA to Hold Legal “Boot Camp” for […]

Internet Censorship: Let The Book Burning Begin

Well, it looks like the Krudd Government is set to try and introduce their ridiculous, anti-democratic net “filtering” plan. Despite public outrage. Despite reports that it doesn’t work, and cannot work. Despite reports that it will be completely ineffective in stopping people from getting to the “banned” sites anyway. Despite reports that it will slow […]

No Shit, Spammers!

I get a lot of pleasure when looking at my email inbox, as through the implementation of my own email filtering solution – (Project Odyssey) – I never actually receive any spam at all. Every single last piece of spam is neatly quarantined for me to check out. I got a real laugh out of […]

Newsreader Revenge

Everyone remembers the “giant seagull” which “attacked” Peter Hitchener at the beginning of a recent Nine News Melbourne bulletin. It went viral almost immediately. Well, “Hitch” has had his revenge. Sort of. Courtesy of Melbourne’s Channel 31 program, “The Inquiry”. Kinda cheesy, but humourous nonetheless!

Foxtel EPG: Invisible Program

Got a bit of a laugh out of this in the Foxtel EPG last night. An invisible program! It has no title, no description, and runs from 9:25pm until 9:25pm, complete with the option of setting a reminder to watch it. I wonder if we had iQ, if it would have let me record it? […]

Idiotic View in Internet Copyright Case

A seriously stupid view of the various responsibilities involved in digital copyright infringement has been put “on the record” during closing arguments in the landmark Australian federal court case been the film industry, and the Australian ISP iiNet. Film Studios Issue Ultimatum to ISPs The film industry has “decreed” that ISPs should “get serious” about […]