Monthly Archives: December 2010

Packaging Fail

Spotted this one in Woolworths while doing a spot of last minute New Year’s Eve shopping: What exactly is a “wood buring oven”?

Happy New Technology!

Here is some modern technology explained, complete with laugh functionality for your enjoyment on New Years Eve! Happy New Year to everyone – see you on the other side…(tomorrow)…

The Richie Benaud Score

We don’t get to see it very often, but today we saw the score which makes the hair on Richie Benaud’s neck stand up: Tyoo for tyoo tyoo tyoo. Marvellous.

Jimeoin On What?

Scanning the Foxtel EPG this evening, I came across this rather ambiguously named program starring comedian Jimeoin: I’m hoping they mean “ice” – as in frozen water – and not something else! Funny!

NBN Solving the Employment Crisis

In yet another thoroughly weak attempt to broadside the NBN, The Australian newspaper has come up with this latest piece of drivel: NBN Battery Recycling Could Add $240m Even if it does add that much to the total cost of the NBN – (and I’m in no position to judge how the recycling industry operates) […]

NBN Allows for Expansion of Mobile Services

Through the National Broadband Network (NBN) business plan, released yesterday and available here, it becomes apparent that the NBN will allow for third party mobile service providers to use the network to expand their coverage. Specifically, on page 48 of the plan, under “Backhaul Service to Mobile Base Station”, it states: “The Plan assumes that […]

Classy Spam Fail

Got a belly laugh from a piece of spam I found trapped by my filters this morning, showing how truly classy spammers can be: Gee, that’s an attractive email. Let’s open that one! Not!

Coalition NBN Response Broadband Failure

In a most ironic twist, the Opposition Leader Tony Abbott, and his communications spokesman Malcolm Turnbull tried to deliver a response to this morning’s release by the government of the business plan for NBN Co. As indicated in the screen grab, it was delivered “via broadband” – the same broadband infrastructure the opposition believes is […]

NBN Business Plan to Be Revealed

After months of arguments and counter arguments, the business plan for the National Broadband Network (NBN) is to finally be released today by the minister concerned, Stephen Conroy, almost two months after it was first received by the government. What we see at midday will undoubtedly be a testament to how many black textas are […]

Supermarket Lazy or Misleading

In the midst of the weekly shop, I came across the following special offer: Seriously, what? Certainly confusing. I think in simple terms, you can see that you get two for ten dollars, no matter what items out of Plus, Cheerios, or Milo cereal you choose, but explaining how much you save depending on the […]