Monthly Archives: December 2010

Guardian: Up, Down or Blocked?

The Guardian website appears to be down, amid reports that some level of blocking has occurred in regards to their WikiLeaks coverage. I have heard reports that it has been officially blocked in Thailand, but I’ve not seen confirmation as yet. Certainly, it appears inaccessible from here in Australia at the moment. So is it […]

Geelong Advertiser Oopsy

Great to see a new look Geelong Advertiser website this morning – a great improvement on the previous cluttered mess. However, I think a few QC checks went astray: Is it just me, or are these circled links in the wrong place? Oops!

Telstra: The Return

Well, the saga is finally complete. After nine days of shenanigans, the phone lines in my street are completely underground again, with Telstra returning yesterday morning to finally string a cable through the new conduit and re-splice the street line – again. So – nine days to fix a problem that blew most of the […]

Carrie Bickmore Fail

You have to hand it to Twitter and the good humour that can come from it, especially given today’s revelation that Carrie Bickmore has painted Australians as “blokes” and “sheilas” who socialise at “fancy” places called McCafe. Big fail. But here is some of the gold coming through online: “Carrie Bickmore says we go to […]

Telstra Shenanigans

As I discussed in my article in regards to the structural separation of Telstra, there have been some major issues with my own copper phone line over the last week. For some time – (actually, the entire time of more than five years I’ve lived at our current address) – every single time a significant […]

Telstra Separation Goodness

With the passing in federal parliament on Monday of the Telecommunications Legislation Amendment Competition and Consumer Safeguards Bill 2010, the structural separation of Telstra is finally in sight, laying the foundations for the full establishment of the National Broadband Network (NBN). Up until now I have held off making any comment since the passing of […]