Monthly Archives: January 2014

Toilet Etiquette?

Recently I got a giggle from these differing signs on the toilets at a local shopping centre: Obviously, it’s not a good idea for anyone to smoke in the toilets – (except perhaps staff, apparently?) – but it seems the boys get asked not to smoke a lot less nicely than the girls!

Avalon Rail Link: Priorities Out Of Order?

The question of whether or not Victoria’s rail network should be extended into Geelong’s Avalon Airport has been a point of debate for a number of years. With news today that the proposed heavy rail link be submitted for environmental assessment, proponents of the plan are hailing a ‘milestone’ in the project. Avalon Rail Link […]

2013: Posts Of The Year

In this the 2013 edition of my ‘posts of the year’, as was the case in the 2012, my website has been dominated by NBN discussion. Yes I do write about the NBN quite a bit, but that these articles are so popular on my site shows just how important the NBN has become in […]

Browser State Of Play 2013

Over the last couple of years, I have looked at statistics relating to which browsers people are using to visit my site a couple of times, in a somewhat adhoc fashion – here and here. Boring? Maybe. It is however ‘interesting’ and ‘useful’ in a couple of ways. While theoretically all web browsers should show […]