Monthly Archives: November 2007

An Honest Farewell!

Australians voted long-time Prime Minister, John Howard, out of office last weekend, installing Kevin Rudd in his place. Here, in “his” first televised address since the demise of his 11-year government, he expresses his thanks to the Australian people.

New Government – Still No Clue

Australia voted for a change of government last weekend. Personally, I’m still undecided whether the change will be for the good, or for the bad. There is however, one thing I am still certain of. Politicians still have no idea about the internet. No matter what their persuasion. Wireless A Cheaper Option For ALP Plan […]

Swerving In Front Of Truck Is Bad!

Just ask the driver of this truck, and engineers from the Holden Racing Team, and Ford Performance Racing. This shot was taken on the highway outside of the Bahrain circuit where the V8 Supercars have raced this weekend. Apparently, a car swerved in front of the truck, which was forced to brake suddenly, with the […]