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Analysing the Filtering Retreat

A lot of people are celebrating the supposed “retreat” by Kevin Rudd in regards to the mandatory ISP filtering, as reported in the media this morning. Hold the champagne folks – there is a lot more to this than you might think – this is a political ploy. There are two realistic ways the government […]

Rudd Filter Retreat: No Cause for Celebration

An interesting article was posted in The Australian this morning in regards to an apparent “retreat” by Prime Minister Rudd and Senator Stephen Conroy in regards to the legislation that would be required to enact their proposed mandatory internet filter. Rudd Retreats On Passing Web Filter Legislation Some will see this as a massive victory […]

Against the ANZAC Spirit: ISP Filtering

Our ANZAC heroes fought long and hard in many different wars to fight off threats towards the freedom of our great nation. Australia would not be what it is today without their selfless devotion to this country. On this ANZAC Day holiday morning, I have been doing some coding to make my archive of articles […]

Solution: The Cleanternet

Here is a fantastic piece of satire, made primarily against internet filtering proposals in the European Union – but which is perfectly applicable to the same proposals we currently have here in Australia. It clearly shows how ridiculous the idea of actually applying a mandatory internet filter will be anywhere – not just in Australia.

The Biggest Failing of Stephen Conroy

What is his biggest failing? Honestly, there is such a gigantic list of possible answers to this question, that any one of a dozen answers could quite easily be the “right” answer. Is it his apparent complete lack of knowledge of the IT industry? I mean, naming Eric Schmidt as the “founder of Google”, and […]

V/Line Lies: The Facts are in the Figures

Time and time again we hear V/Line apologising for terrible monthly performance reports, particularly on the Geelong line. V/Line Runs Late … Again The above news report demonstrates that only 75.3% of all services on the Geelong line for the calendar month of March ran “on-time”. V/Line defines a train as “late” if it arrives […]

Headline Goes Horribly Wrong

While I am definitely inclined to contact the Darwin Awards on this one, here is an interesting headline and article blurb from the website of The Age. Man Dies After Being Flung Into Tree Hmm…here’s how it appeared on the homepage: While I feel for his loved ones in what is undoubtedly a terrible time […]

Explain or Resign Senator 410!

The removal of an article by the Fairfax group of websites, which discussed the possibility that the Nine Network program Underbelly: The Golden Mile broadcast what technically might have been child pornography, has demonstrated that some “overpowering force” already has the ability to censor our internet, or at the very least, the weight to influence […]

Interesting Censorship Incident

I found it interesting that the article I linked to for my Communications Minister Wrong Again! entry yesterday, appears to have been quietly removed from the internet. Here is the exact same link again: Underbelly Breaks Laws on Child Sex It reveals a completely blank, white page. Clearly it has been taken down by The […]

Communications Minister Wrong Again!

Throughout this entire internet filtering debate, everyone has heard Senator Conroy’s favourite sayings. You know, like “100% accurate”, and “you can’t buy this material on DVD, in bookstores, in newsagents, watch it in cinemas, or see it on television.” Oh really? What about this: Underbelly Breaks Laws on Child Sex There’s a few interesting quotes […]