Against the ANZAC Spirit: ISP Filtering

Our ANZAC heroes fought long and hard in many different wars to fight off threats towards the freedom of our great nation. Australia would not be what it is today without their selfless devotion to this country. On this ANZAC Day holiday morning, I have been doing some coding to make my archive of articles on Australia’s proposed mandatory internet filtering more readily available.

I certainly did not set out to do this as an ANZAC tribute, but I when I realised that although ANZAC Day was yesterday, and that today is the national public holiday we have to celebrate it – (normally the same day, but with the 25th falling on a Sunday this year, the holiday is today) – I could not help but feel a sense of irony.

The ANZACs fought for our liberty against foreign threats. I am sure that many would be devastated that the latest threat to our freedom comes from within. Government controlled censorship. The buffoons in charge of this policy say “it is only about blocking refused classification (RC) material”. There is nothing to stop them from refusing classification to anything they choose.

That’s why their list will remain secret. That is how they are planning to restrict our freedoms online. At a time where we celebrate the pride our nation has for its forefathers, I’m not feeling a lot of pride for those who are here in power now.